Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Best of The Candy Gram: Vacation Dreams

The Candy Gram is having the best week ever and as we approach the long Labor Day weekend we thought we'd tease you with our burlesquers' vacation dreams. When asked if they could go anywhere for vacation, here's what they said:

I'd go hiking in the Cusco region of Peru, to The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.
-- Paris Green

I don’t have vacations, but I fantasize about taking a four-day train ride through the Rockies. Although I don’t miss living in Colorado, it’s been too long since I saw the mountains. My voicemail would say, “I’m high up in the Rockies. I’ll return your call when I come down.”
-- Jo Boobs

I've never been to Australia. That would be cool.
-- Jack Midnight

Puerto Rico, where part of my family is from.
-- Heidi Von Haught

Egypt. It's been my dream for years to make it there.
-- Diamond Minx

Amsterdam! Especially if we could perform while we were there.
-- The Titillation Twins

New York City ... in 1928.
-- Scratch

New York in the 1950's
-- Creamy Stevens

The beach.
-- Gina Louise

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