Friday, August 10, 2007

All the News That's Fit To Strip

What is it about Carson Daly that makes women want to take off their clothes? First Petra Nemcova teased the Last Call host. Then Dita Von Teese slipped off her silk stockings and presented them to the appreciative host.

In other news ...

Vance DeGeneres, Daily Show correspondent, brother to Ellen and artist, is concerned robots are stealing our strippers.

The Glamazons survive another round of America's Got Talent. Tune in tomorrow night to see if they make it to the finals.

Jo Boobs reviews The American Burlesque Show.

In Playboy's September issue My Name Is Earl star Jaime Pressly talks about not wanting to make out with women -- even Angelina Jolie -- and why women enjoy strip clubs. “Because there’s no competition or threat," says Pressly of strip clubs. "I mean, I see a hot woman, and what is she going to do, rape me? My girlfriends and I love going to strip clubs where we sit down with drinks while hot chicks walk around and aren’t bitchy. In a regular club, the women are assholes—everybody’s in competition. You go into a strip club and it’s like everybody’s free-spirited, open-minded. It’s safe.”

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