Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Video of the Week

Apparently Faith Dane, the original Mazeppa in Gypsy, was rejected from reprising her role in a new production of the play. She filed an age discrimination complaint against the theater, but the stress from the incident landed her in the hospital. So the video of the week is in honor of the now 83-year-old, former horn-blowing stripper.


Anonymous said...

Best line ever-
"If you want to bump it, bump it with a trumpet!"
What a great scene.

Paris Green said...

Mazeppa was my first burlesque hero. When I was a kid, I played the pit orchestra for Gypsy at a summer theater in Kansas. That was my very first exposure (pardon the pun) to burlesque and Mazeppa was it for me. Cheesy as musicals may be, it was the first step down the glitter and lingerie strewn path I find myself on now.

Every night of that show, the woman playing Rose managed to fling her costume pieces during the striptease montage into the pit's citronella candles, setting them on fire. Handling flaming bras was also very exciting for a 13 year old me.

I still, to this day, want a gladiator helmet. Really, really want one.