Monday, August 20, 2007

All the News That's Fit To Strip

Angela Richardson, who performs with Cherry Pop Burlesque as Olive Talique, chats about tassel-twirling workshops, feminism and her favorite numbers. A quick tease:

"You think about going to a tassel-twirling workshop, and you think, "hmmm ..." but in fact, it's really excellent to be in this room with a bunch of women who are shyly wondering about this and by the end are just laughing and reveling in the female energy. That sounds corny, but there really is something cool about thinking, "We're all just gorgeous and this is great."

In other news ...

Who is going to design a burlesque-themed condom?

Striptease is one of New York's "major cultural attractions."

Weird Al Yankovic performed a striptease, getting down to boxer shorts and fishnet stockings.

Naked TV loses its government subsidies, but promises to "carry on making a striptease news show."

1 comment:

Paris Green said...

Wouldn't the burlesque themed condom mostly be in how you'd take it off (or put it on, as the case may be), more than what it looks like?