Friday, July 13, 2007

The Candy Gram: The Titillation Twins

In our ongoing Q&A series --"The Candy Gram"-- we ask the same quirky questions of burlesque's various performers. If you want to be added to the mix, drop us a line at kellydinardo AT gmail DOT com. Today, say hello to Seattle's Elke and Audra, the Titillation Twins, who are big fans of this week's scandalicious siren.

What is your hometown?
Laurel, Maryland

How long have you been interested in burlesque/performing?
Audra: In 1998 I first heard about the Shim Shamettes in New Orleans while I was living there and they have since gone on to become the Atomic Bombshells. I had an audition set up with them back then but moved before I could meet with them. Now, in 2005 I finally started doing my own burlesque performing with Divinitease here in Seattle
Elke: I joined her about a year later when I moved up from LA. We've both been performing in a variety of capacities our whole lives though and are really happy to be together again and performing after living apart for about 7 years.

How many pairs of pasties do you own?
Audra: We actually don't own too many because we like to use alternatives to spice things up whenever we can.
Elke: Black electrical tape has been a big hit!
Audra: Also stickers, Christmas bows and those bra petals with rhinestones glued on!

What are your three favorite songs to perform to?
Elke: Feel Like Breakin' Up Somebody's Home by Etta James. We sing in all our numbers and it's such a sexy, powerful song I love performing it.
Audra: I love singing Hanky Panky and Material Girl both by Madonna. We grew up listening to her stuff in the '80's and we like to add a modern edge to the retro in our act.

What three items could you not live without as a performer?
Audra: Hairbrush! Even though we wear wigs. We've forgotten one several times and that always causes problems. Double-sided tape (a great alternative to spirit gum) gotta keep the pasties under control!
Elke: And the most commonly loved burlesque item...glitter. I'm definitely in it for the love of glitter when it comes down to it!

Who had the biggest influence on your career?
Audra: Strangely enough, our mom. She always taught us to be proud of our bodies, not ashamed and to be ok with who we are as people. Can you tell she was a hippie?

Who is your favorite burly queen?
Elke & Audra: Blaze Starr!!
Audra: We're from Maryland and have spent a lot of time in the South so we have a particular affinity for those areas and the things connected to them.
Elke: Also, we read her biography when we were 13 or 14 and thought she was the coolest person and what a great career!

What is your favorite item of clothing?
Audra: Black silk & lace half skirts that have garter attachments and a thong back.
Elke: It shows off the especially good part of our figures!

What's the last movie you saw?
Elke: I saw Stranger than Fiction with Will Ferrell, Maggie Gylenhall and Emma Thompson and I loved it so much that I told Audra she had to see it too.
Audra: I loved it too, it was completely different from what the previews lead you to believe but in an incredible way.

What's on your must-see-TV list?
Elke: I love pretty much all the HBO shows, definitely big on Entourage after having lived in LA for 5 years. Also I'm addicted to the Travel Channel. Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations is a must see!"

What book is on your nightstand?
Audra: American Gods by Neil Gaman, best book ever.

If you could go anywhere for vacation, where would you go?
Elke & Audra: Amsterdam!
Elke: Especially if we could perform while we were there.

If you could have any superpower, which one would you want? Why?
Audra: It would have to be reading people's minds.
Elke: Yeah, then we would always know what the audience wanted!


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