Friday, June 6, 2008

The Candy Gram: Sparkly Devil

In our ongoing Q&A series --"The Candy Gram"-- we ask the same quirky questions of burlesque's various performers. For the next two weeks, until the 2008 Miss Exotic World pageant, we'll be featuring special editions of The Candy Gram with the burly queens competing in the festivities. If you want to be added to the mix, drop us a line at kellydinardo AT gmail DOT com. Today, say hello to Sparkly Devil.

What is your hometown?
Deeeeeeeeeetroit, Michigan!

How long have you been interested in burlesque/performing?
I've been performing burlesque for eight years now (holy crap!) but I've been "performing" in some sense of the word since I was a toddler. I studied acting in college and was in several comedy improv troupes before I started my striptease career in Detroit in 2000.

How many pairs of pasties do you own?
Christ, I have no idea. Far too many. I also have the one sock problem, but with pasties -- I have far too many pairs of unmatched pasties floating around the house. What do you do with one pastie? My most recent show, I glued one to my hat.

What are your three favorite songs to perform to?
Like many performers I go through phases with songs and routines -- my current favorite is a classic fan dance that I perform to Dr. Dre's Let Me Ride. Another perennial favorite is the theme song to Police Squad. For the third, I'd have to say the song I'm performing at Miss Exotic World -- but don't want to spoil the surprise.

What three items could you not live without as a performer?
Glitter, of course! It flows in my veins.
Nude fishnets
Liquid latex

Who had the biggest influence on your career?
I draw my influences from many different arenas, from pinup glamor to dance technique to slapstick comedy. I always like to say my two biggest influences are Sally Rand and Daffy Duck. My choreographer from Detroit, Christopher Leadbitter of Causing a Scene Productions, made a tremendous impact on my growth as a performer about midway through my career, really inspiring me and helping me to take it to the next level in terms of dance technique. And currently I draw huge amounts of love, inspiration and general mayhem from the group I perform with in San
Francisco, the Hubba Hubba Revue.

Who is your favorite burly queen?
Oh, now, I can't pick just one! I have many performers from the contemporary burlesque scene whom I absolutely adore, but I don't want to start naming names lest I forget one! Let's just say I'll be sharing the stage with many of them in Vegas! I also have to say, the extremely close bond I've formed with living legend Toni Elling is extremely close to my heart. And I just love Satan's Angel to death, as well as Holiday O'Hara and Lottie the Body.

What is your favorite item of clothing?
Does glitter count as a clothing item? Again, I don't think I can pick just one! I do have a pair of sky-high 7-inch metal heeled Luichiny platforms that I think I should be buried in.

What's the last movie you saw?
In the theaters? I don't even remember. Last night I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark while sewing burlesque bling onto my costume.

What's on your must-see-TV list?
I don't watch much TV -- I love the Daily Show and South Park, and will happily confess that Dancing with the Stars is a big guilty pleasure of mine!

What book is on your nightstand?
I'm a writer, so I'm constantly reading, but I have a short attention span so I'm often reading two or three books at the same time. Right now it's Lamb by Christopher Moore (one of my current favorite authors) and I've been re-reading American Tabloid by James Ellroy (another favorite!)

If you could go anywhere for vacation, where would you go?
I'd love to do a month-long tour of Europe. And I've never been to Australia or South America and have always wanted to go.

If you could have any superpower, which one would you want? Why?
Um, the ability to snap my fingers and instantly be made up for a show! As I like to say, when you're a showgirl, sometimes putting on makeup isn't fun, it's work! I'd love to be able to blink like Jeannie and shazam! All glittered up, hair done, and ready to go. And, you know, the ability to invoke world peace and end poverty and hunger, and all!

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