Friday, December 14, 2007

The Candy Gram: Veronica Lashe

In our ongoing Q&A series --"The Candy Gram"-- we ask the same quirky questions of burlesque's various performers. If you want to be added to the mix, drop us a line at kellydinardo AT gmail DOT com. Today, say hello to Veronica Lashe, a Syren of the South.

What is your hometown?
Atlanta, GA

How long have you been interested in burlesque/performing?
I have been performing burlesque for about 4 years, but I've been on stage since I was very young and even went to a performing arts high school for Musical Theater, so it's always just been a part of who I am.

How many pairs of pasties do you own?
Eight pairs that I use on stage for current numbers, but there are probably close to 20 additional pairs at my house since we make and sell them at Syrens of the South shows.

What are your three favorite songs to perform to?
My super special remix of God Save the Queen that DJ Aesthetic made me. I Get What I Want for my balloon act and probably American Woman by The Guess Who just because it was my first solo with tassel twirling and is covered in fringe.

What three items could you not live without as a performer?
Lipstick, corset, and fishnets.

Who had the biggest influence on your career?
My mom, she's helped me with costumes, helped me flush out ideas for numbers and has been extremely supportive in all of my creative endeavors!

Who is your favorite burly queen?
Though I am a huge fan of Tempest Storm, I'm going to have to say Jo Boobs. She's been a wonderful inspiration and always has time to answer all of my very silly questions.

What is your favorite item of clothing?
My leopard print corset. It was my first steel boned corset and 10 years later it still holds a special place in my heart.

What's the last movie you saw?
Before Night Falls -- great flick and has Johnny Depp in drag.

What's on your must-see-TV list?
Heroes, Dexter and Project Runway.

What book is on your nightstand?
Mae West: It Ain't No Sin

If you could go anywhere for vacation, where would you go?
I've always wanted to go to Prague. There are some churches there I'd love to visit.

If you could have any superpower, which one would you want? Why?
Well, since I'm addicted to Heroes, it's that much harder to choose. Probably Muscle Mimic, it would make choreography that much easier.

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