Monday, June 23, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Lucha VaVoom continues to spice things up in L.A. Ursulina, left, one of the group's performers likes for the burlesque performers to have unique talents that amaze the crowds as much as the high-flying stunts of the wrestlers. “I find it’s just like punk rock,” she explained to Downtown LA Scene. “When punk rock started, people had something to say. Then everybody was like, ‘Hey, I don’t have to learn guitar that much. I’ll play punk music.’ And I think that’s the lazy person’s way to being onstage.”

In other news ...

Forget sexy, Immodesty Blaize is bringing the "bonkbuster" back.

George Michael is such a Teese in his new video, Feeling Good.

Patti Lupone, the Tony-winning actress known for her role in Gypsy, is penning her memoirs.

Gilded Lili gets reviewed.

Barack Obama's former headquarters to become nude dance club.

Last week, we served up some Italian with Current TV's exploration of burlesque in Rome. Well, the folks over there really love burlesque -- even disemboweled.

An advertisement featuring a striptease causes an uproar in the UK.

If you're in New York, help save Coney Island tomorrow.

Say hello Burlesque Babes, a blog which features a different burly queen each day.

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