Thursday, June 12, 2008

All The MEW News That's Fit To Strip

My apologies for the radio silence, The Candy Pitch got a little banged up this week - and not in the good way. So without further delays, we bring you the list of winners from the 2008 Miss Exotic World Pageant:

Best Debut: Perle Noir

Best Duo: Jewel of Denial and Kat Bardot

Best Boylesque: Sin Jyn

Best Troupe: Peak-A-Boo Revue

Miss Exotic World, 2nd Runner Up: Trixie Little

Miss Exotic World, 1st Runner Up: Lux LaCroix

And, drum roll please ...
Miss Exotic World 2008 is Angie Pontani.

In other Miss Exotic World News ...

* During the 50th Annual Reunion Showcase, L.A. Times blogger Richard Abowitz chatted with Tura Satana and Immodesty Blaize. When asked if there was still enough interest to make a career out of striptease, Blaize responded, "It is a fantastic time. It is even more full of diamonds and feathers than it was before."

* Las Vegas Weekly covers all of the uncoverings of the weekend including the "underboob" controversy, the pool party and all the sequin-filled fun.

* Jo Boobs serves up the MEW weekend tapas-style with a taste of the classic costumes, a sample of the pool party and a little dish on the controversy: "Guests at the Palms kept reacting to the BHOF revelers like we had three heads, and I kept wondering what the hell is up when people are finding the sight of showgirls, circus folks, and sideshow peeps to be somehow unexpected in a Las Vegas casino."

* I know. It's really the photos you want. So here, here and here. Have more, send 'em to kellydinardo AT gmail DOT com

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