Monday, December 10, 2007

All The News That's Fit To Strip

As Variety points out, "nothing says Christmas like suicide, drag queens and nudity." The reason for the saucy season:

"People want something unusual and immediate," says David Foster, whose Foster Entertainment Group is helping produce everything from "Kiki and Herb" to "C'est Duckie," an "interactive nightclub performance experience" in which patrons select individualized acts from a menu. "They want to see a live performance that can't be replicated on film."

In other news ...

If Leyla Rose, left, is any indication Scotland prefers a naughty holiday season as well.

L.A.'s newest ballerina, Melissa Barak, shimmys and bumps through the world of burlesque.

Sarah Hartshorne, who was eliminated from America's Next Top Model, returns to the Boston Babydolls. This Saturday she'll be performing with the troupe as Vita Lightly in the show Brrrrlesque.

The Chico Cabaret fills the holidays with "nearly naked elves and spiked eggnog."

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