Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Betty Crocker vs. Centerfold

This morning, Cynthia Cotts got me thinking about Paris Hilton. The Bloomberg reporter reviewed Wendy Shalit's book Girls Gone Mild and pointed out that Shalit believes Paris' post-arrest makeover -- from near-naked vixen writhing atop a car to mommy-needing, innocent-looking school-girl -- is "further proof of her contention that modest women triumph over sluts." We've come along way baby, but apparently there are still just two categories of women: Madonna and Whore.

Shalit, who writes that she was a virgin when she married, suggests women gain attention by baking pies rather than flashing 'em. But Cotts makes a great point -- Shalit "never answers the big question: After saving up her virginity for all those years, how's her sex life?"

Maybe Shalit's inner Betty Crocker knows how to heat things up outside of the kitchen, but it seems to me that both Shalit and Paris could take a lesson from burlesque. Paris, honey, remember the tease. And Wendy, don't forget the strip.

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