Monday, July 30, 2007

All the News That's Fit To Strip

Sherry Britton once donned a "Let's Go Mets" T-shirt, but the burlesque dancer is really a Chicago Cubs fan. And reminiscing about Sherry, columnist Bill Gallo confirms something we always suspected:

"The older fellows said they went to burlesque for the comics, funny men such as Red Buttons and Phil Silvers and Jackie Gleason ... After seeing our very first burlesque, we were certain, the older guys didn't come to see the comics."

In other news ...

Dita is naturally a freckle-faced blonde.

Kellita of Hot Pink Feathers explains how she found herself "bumping and grinding, shimmying and shaking."

It's ok Britney, pole dancing is hard.

Woody shares photos from Miss Exotic World.

How do you know the "stripperization" of America is complete? When the word is used to describe New Gingrich's potential presidential run.

Bostonians who are ready to take their hip swiveling professional might want to head to Rock City Body on August 26. The Boston Babydolls are holding auditions for new troupe members.

The latest issue of Shimmy Magazine is now on sale. Purchase your copy online or, if you happen to be in New York, here, here or here.

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Marcy said...

I love it when blonde girls go dark.... join the brunette tribe!

Marcy Mendelson
Root Magazine

Heidi Von Haught said...

Thanks for putting your foot down on snarky anonymous comments. Time Magazine recently wrote an article discussing how anonymous on line posting allows the evil side of people to come out and how an anonymous group can quickly turn into a hooded mob. It's tempting to bad mouth someone you dislike when no one knows who you are but let's stick with the love!

Burlesque Daily said...

I think any comment carries less weight when it's anonymous, even when it's positive, although I don't blame people for responding to an anonymous comment anonymously when it's obvious the first poster loves to smear people by their names--that's a decent self-preserving reason to be anonymous. Even a supportive comment without a name can be worth much less than with a name--it could just be the person supporting his or her self, and it's not like demonstrating full-on, I'll-lend-my-name-to-this support. And by "name," I mean identity, just so people know who you are, not your legal name.

I think a flaming or baiting comment posted anonymously is plain pure two-facedness. I mean, what's the worst that can happen if people know who you are--that they might dislike (or like, for that matter) you for what you actually think?