Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anna Faris Strips

The House Bunny, a film about what happens when a Bunny gets too old to keep taking it all off, premieres today. The film's star, Anna Faris told Playboy. "About three years ago I was thinking, What happens when a Bunny gets a little too old and it’s time for her to move on and adjust to a different reality? I had a dark version, with the character becoming a drug addict and returning to her small Christian Alabama town, but that wasn’t very commercial. I pitched the character to the screenwriters of Legally Blonde. They wrote a treatment, and I pitched it with them all around town, dressed as the character and saying the lines we’d created. Adam Sandler’s company, Happy Madison, and Sony said yes, and three months later we were shooting the movie. It has been a weirdly positive experience."

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