Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Gilded Lili

Today's the release of my biography on Lili St. Cyr, Gilded Lili: Lili St. Cyr and the Striptease Mystique. I know this crowd doesn't need much convincing, but in case you weren't sold here are the top ten reasons to buy Gilded Lili.

10. There are 15 pages of salacious pictures. That’s 15 less than Alan Greenspan’s new book, but you actually want to see Lili without clothes.

9. Marilyn Monroe -- who modeled herself after Lili -- has nothing on this woman’s story.

8. Mike Wallace called his interview with Lili one of the most interesting ones of his career.

7. Sports fans will learn how Lili is connected to a Stanley Cup winner.

6. A picture is worth a thousand words ... but this book has several that will leave you speechless.

5. The Dems in the crowd will love that Susan Sarandon blessed Lili.

4. For the Republicans, well, Ronald Reagan was caught watching her take a bubble bath.

3. Want to know why Lili wouldn’t come out from backstage to meet Humphrey Bogart?

2. Madonna dressed herself up in Lili's love.

1. Did I mention the pictures?


Shon Richards said...

Congratulations. After basking the in the glory of this book, what's your next project?

Zeugma said...

Congrats, lady!!!

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