Thursday, September 20, 2007

Burly Queens Rule Reality TV

First Michelle L'Amour got sassy with the Hoff on America's Got Talent. Then the Glamazons made it to the top ten on the same show. Now, Sarah Hartshorne, who performs as Vita Lightly with the Boston Babydolls, takes on Tyra in America's Next Top Model. Watch out Kelly Clarkson. You might just get bumped by the old bump 'n' grind.


Anonymous said...

So this is what the new burlesque has become?
Good job ladies. Very feminist.
Top Model is as low as it gets.

The Boston Babydolls said...

We don't perform because we're feminist dancers. We don't perform because we're Republican dancers, Democratic dancers, vegetarian dancers, Lutheran dancers, straight dancers, gay dancers. or lactose intolerant dancer.

We perform because we're burlesque dancers.

Our performances aren't morality plays or cautionary tales. We don't try to tell our audience what to think or how to live. Our stage isn't a pulpit. Our dances are not sermons.

That being said, we're proud of what we do. We work hard and give the people who come to see us the best she we can every time. That's our job as entertainers.

Since we are proud of what we do, we make sure our names are clearly associated with everything we do. We don't respect anonymous sniping. If you've got the courage of your convictions, put your name on attacks. It's hard to take you seriously as a critic when you're so embarrassed by your own opinion you won't even sign your name.

gen said...

damn! you tell em babydolls!