Monday, September 10, 2007

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Ali Larter chats with Playboy about the whipped cream bikini she donned in Varsity Blues and researching strippers. In the October issue the Heroes star explains her role as Niki was intended to be a stripper and says: “I did some research. I went online. What struck me most was the blankness in most of their eyes. That was what I wanted to show. I thought it was sad, but my boyfriend thought it was thrilling. He’d call while I was researching and say, ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ ‘I’m online, watching some girls stripping.’ He was like, ‘On my way!’ In a recent episode I play a pole dancer. I took private lessons for a week, a couple of hours a day. I have a newfound respect for those women. It’s harder than you imagine, but I made it look good.”

In other news ...

Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman shimmies into New York's Zipper Factory. Catch up with one of the show's performers, Princess Farhana, in last week's Candy Gram. And stay tuned for upcoming Candy Grams with other Sensuous Woman stars, Dirty Martini and Margaret Cho.

Britney Spears VMA performance lacked the strip-tacular factor of past shows.

Are you ready for some football?

New York's Playpen closes.

The Philadelphia Inquirer gets a spanking from Feministing for an awful story about stripping.

New York's Forty Deuce hits a bump in the bump 'n' grind road.

Lola the Vamp leads the burlesque revival Down Under.

Jo Boobs interviews Satan's Angel.

Monique Honeybush chats about how she started in burlesque, performing at Bonnaroo and her hot dog routine.

Congratulations to Angie Pontani, Jo Boobs, Tigger and the rest of the winners of the Golden Pasties Awards.

1 comment:

Belle said...

Can we have some editorial commentary on the relevance of this actress and her remarks? Is it because she eventually offers some throwaway comment about how she has a "newfound" respect for strippers based on her pole-dancing classes?

And: she went ONLINE to do research on strippers? And then felt so sad for those dead-eyed internet strippers, apparently soulless in comparison with Playboy models and whipped-cream-bikini sporting primetime actresses?

I don't get this. But maybe a viewing of Varsity Blues would help clarify?