Monday, September 17, 2007

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Dita Von Teese, the new face of Cointreau liquor, talks with the San Francisco Chronicle about how she chose her stage name, breaking the beauty rules and how she learned about burlesque. On the difference between burlesque now and when Gypsy Rose Lee lit up the marquee, Dita says: "It's more risque now than it was then. ... It's not the nudity that's a big deal, it's the striptease ... the idea that I'm taking my clothes off, that's arresting. This is what I want to do."

Other tidbits include her views on sex: "I'm not shy about talking about sex, or putting a powerfully sexual image out there. One of the messages I want to get through to young women is the importance of insisting on safe sex. It should be fun and playful, but they should carry a condom and insist on using it."

In other news ...

A New York community board votes against giving Forty Deuce a liquor license.

Mo Pitkin's packs up the pasties.

On Wednesday Satan's Angel twirls her tassels on Maury

GalleyCat shows off some book trailers. Are you working on yours?


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