Thursday, July 24, 2008


Bizarre magazine is Dita-licious, with a great interview with burlesque queen Dita Von Teese. In it, Dita dishes on what she thinks about when performing and offers advice to upcoming performers. She also shares some memories on her early, less glamorous days:

"I started dancing in strip clubs all over the US – some of them were down and dirty, hole-in-the wall joints, and at times I was dancing for a confused audience that was used to seeing porn-star strippers – what I was doing was alien to them. ... I’ve driven across the States and loaded and unloaded my big Martini glass from vans myself, picked up dollar bills off the floor and stayed in plenty of scary motel rooms. I was no overnight success, and no one can say I didn’t pay my dues to get where I am now. Every time I pop a bottle of expensive champagne before a show, I take a second and think, 'Damn, it was worth it!'"


Ginger Valentine said...

It's hard to imagine Dita Von Teese scraping crumpled dollar bills off of a strip club floor, but I'm glad she did whatever it takes so that she could share her dancing with the rest of us.

It also serves as a good reminder to the rest of us that you gotta start somewhere and that with a little hard work and talent, you can change your life.

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