Monday, July 14, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Strip

The Nashville troupe Panty Raid celebrated their five year anniversary this week. "Around the time that we formed Panty Raid, there was only one other burlesque troupe from the South, Dames A' Flame," said Rachel Kallas, a founding member of Panty Raid. Since then, the group has performed around the country, competing in the New York Burlesque Festival and The Miss Exotic World Pageant.

In other news ...

It's the birthday of Arthur Laurents, who wrote Gypsy.

The Assettes "use the term caburlesque because they focus on the music, singing and comedy, just as much as dance and songs."

Minneapolis swings around a pole, but in Tennessee "a local exercise studio planning to offer striptease exercise and stripper poles won't open, because code enforcement says it’s an adult business."

The Asbury Park Press talks to Pinchbottom Burlesque's Jonny Porkpie, who says: "Once the act starts [burlesque performers have] three to seven minutes on stage . . . to do an entire show that is fully their responsibility, fully their creative baby, fully theirs and the deal with that is you get to put something that's closer to your soul on stage."

In Appleseed "stripping is so not the point" of Gypsy.

UK actress Jemima Rooper has found a new hobby in burlesque.

Are you blissfully ignorant of the erotic possibilities of a ten-speed bicycle? Well, then head to BenchPress Burlesque July 25 in St. Louis.

That Tempest Storm story we told you about last week continues to heat things up in papers around the world.

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