Monday, July 28, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Strip

The documentary A Wink And A Smile follows several Seattle women as they go through Miss Indigo Blue's Seattle Academy of Burlesque. Film Threat spoke with director Deirdre Timmons, who reveals the film's not really about stripping:

"If you watch any film, whether it’s about tri-athletes, or skiers, or racecar drivers, it isn’t about the thing they’re doing, but about what motivates them to do the thing they’re doing. That is the case in this film. It’s not about stripping, although that is what they’re doing. But it’s a vehicle to get to the next level in their lives."

In other news ...

After, the 1996 movie Striptease, which was based on Carl Hiaasen’s novel Strip Tease, other adaptations of the author's work got the kibosh.

Dita Von Teese settles law suit against dominatrix.

Take a peak at the trailer for the burlesque flick Make It Happen

Reyna Von Vett raises Denver's fallen women of yore with her new burlesque musical revue, Leadville or Bust.

Meet the newest Boston Babydoll, the race-car loving Cheri DeVille.

Ruby Rocket, Bombshell Betty and Lady Borgia give new meaning to comic strip at Comic-Con.

Iowans are in a tizzy about striptease as performance art or indecent exposure.

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