Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Famed Montreal Belly Dancer Died

The Candy Pitch's pal reporter Alan Hustak of the Montreal Gazette tells us that Fawzia Amir Rahman passed away recently. Check out this past Sunday's paper for the full obit, but here's an excerpt:

Fawzia Amir Rahman, the sultry Egyptian-born belly dancer who was harassed by municipal authorities in the early 1960’s after she introduced the art to Montreal, died in Ottawa’s √Člisabeth Bruy√®re Hospice on May 16. She was 76 and succumbed to brain cancer.

Rahman, who claimed to have begun her career as a court dancer for Egypt’s King Farouk when she was 15 years old, deplored the term belly dancing.

“What I do is a native folk dance,” she said. “Little children learn it, and it is done in homes in Egypt as well as at weddings and parties. The name belly dancing makes it sound vulgar, but this is not so. It is a movement of many parts of the body. It is not indecent dancing. It is not like taking your clothes off. There is nothing obscene about it.”

To prove her point she performed her act, without the harem skirt, in a Montreal courtroom before Judge Gerald Almond in 1961 after she had been charged with obscenity. ... It wasn’t Fawzia’s only brush with the law. She had similarly been acquitted in 1960 of presenting an immoral dance. She was, however, eventually convicted in 1963 on charges of staging an obscene dance at her club, fined $200 and ordered deported.The deportation order was never carried out.

The Candy Pitch is still reeling from all that is Vegas, but head back this way tomorrow for an Exotic World recap.


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