Friday, June 8, 2007

Celluloid Striptease

Apparently in the upcoming summer flick I Know Who Killed Me Lindsay Lohan does a "seductively dirty striptease" which got me thinking about the tease on film. Some favorites, in no particular order:

Little Miss Sunshine
Lady of Burlesque
Blue Velvet
Pal Joey
Too Hot To Handle

Stay tuned and The Candy Pitch will feature a few clips throughout the day.

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Laura said...

What? No boys? Get thee to thine video store and rustle up these badboys:

Pennies from Heaven: Christopher Walken's striptease will make your heart--and loins--ache.

Slapshot: Michael Ontkean removes his hockey gear--on the ice!--to classic David Rose. Plus Paul Newman (aka Earl Long). How can you beat that?