Monday, June 11, 2007

Burlypedia: Merkin

Today's burlypedia is inspired by Zumanity, an amazing show that gives audience participation a whole new meaning. There was at least one performance in the sexy Cirque du Soleil spectacle where the dancers used merkins, a wig for the nether regions. It's been used by burlesque dancers as a way to comply with censors and the law while still giving the illusion of complete nudity. Today they can be an obvious part of a costume like the bright, pink one at left, or as in the case of Zumanity, realistic enough to make you wonder that maybe, just maybe you're seeing the bare essentials.

When The Candy Pitch returns from Vegas tune in for all the dish on Exotic World, Forty Deuce, Zumanity and the Playboy Club.

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