Monday, July 20, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Strip

The Toronto Burlesque Festival kicks off this Thursday at the Gladstone Hotel. Festivities include a meet-and-greet of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Show, a burlesque bra auction for breast cancer and plenty of sexy, sassy, tease-licious performances. Headliners include Miss Exotic World 2002, Kitten Deville, Miss Exotic World 2005, Michelle L'amour, Jo "Boobs" Weldon, Mr. Exotic World 2009, Hot Toddy, Gravity Plays Favorites, Dr. Lucky, Amber Ray, Kellita, and "The Reigning Princess of Burlesque," Roxi Dlite.

In other news...

Walter Cronkite, who died on Friday, once said that one of his most memorable interviews was with Hinda Wassau, the burlesque star who invented the stripper pole. When asked about the role of burlesque in boosting wartime morale, Wassau grabbed him by the lapels of his jacket and said, "Let me tell you something. The morals behind a burlesque stage are just as good as the morals at Radio City."

A burlesque workshop in the Boston area hopes to strip women of their body fears.

Later this year, a proposed Policing and Crime Bill in England could see burlesque categorized as sexual entertainment, forcing producers to apply for a sexual entertainment license.

Striptease aerobics isn't just in L.A. and New York anymore. The trend has hit Charleston, N.C., and ladies are learning from an unlikely source: a nineteen-year-old young man who studies theater student at West Virgina University.

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