Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Call Out

Your regularly scheduled Video of the Week is being postponed until tomorrow. Today, I have a call out for help with a magazine story I'm writing. If you're interested in participating, I'd love if you would e-mail me the answers to the two questions below. I'm asking people to send me the responses by e-mail and not post responses in the comment section, but I will do an expanded post with your feedback at a later point.

So, if interested, please e-mail me at kellydinardo AT gmail DOT com with your thoughts on the following:

1. What advice do you have to help women tap into their sassier side? What can they learn from burlesque to do so?

2. Which current celebrities are a hit or miss in terms of tapping into their inner burlesque star? And why are they a hit or miss?

Please also include how you would like to be credited should I use any or all of your response. If you'd like to be credited by your performance name, please also include where you're based.