Monday, May 19, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Strip

The New York Times takes a look at the city's current burlesque scene, New York's burlesque stars and the history of burly in the Big Apple. Author Mark Caldwell writes:

"Burlesque, that fabled if slightly soiled fantasy realm whose heraldic totem was the twirling pasty and whose undisputed queen was Gypsy Rose Lee, has returned to New York, dripping with rhinestones and trailing clouds of glitter. Under the rubric neo-burlesque, a Depression-era genre whose hallmarks were smut with attitude, bargain-barn glamour, rock-bottom ticket prices and a proudly stuck-out tongue is reasserting itself, flourishing in unexpected corners around the city."

Jo Boobs points out The New York Times did a similar story in 2003 and writes, "I'm thrilled that they're interested enough in burlesque to write about it, and thrilled about the awesome folks in the article, but I confess I get a little bit baffled that it's still being treated like it's "back" when it's clearly, simply, HERE."

In other news ...

Seattlites love themselves a little burlesque. This Friday, they can help Sinner Saint Burlesque troupe get to Miss Exotic World.

Will the Fountainbleu in Miami do burlesque again?

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shangri-laura said...

Just an FYI: a certain Miss Dixie Evans was a longtime switchboard operator at the Miami Fontainbleau (she has some amazing stories about this, of course)... not sure if it was before or after her days at the Place Pigalle, but you'll have to ask ;)