Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exotic Fruit

I received a little treat in my inbox this week -- a message from Mary Ault, who used to perform as Peaches Lulu. She shared some memories of Lili St. Cyr and graciously said I could dish 'em up on the Candy Pitch.

"When I was about 9 or 10, still living in West Hollywood in the mid sixties, there was a theater on Hollywood Blvd. where Lili was taking a bath in a window to promote a film," wrote Mary. "I remember being intensely fascinated by this and went to see her do it twice. This started my crooked path into the business. ... Later, when I moved back to West Hollywood, she had a lingerie shop which I used to go into just to look. She would be there but I was petrified to talk to her."

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tired old dustbowl mother said...

It was mice of you to post my memories of Ms. st. Cyr.
I'd totally forgotten about it.
Your book should be required reading for all those interested in the lifestyle. A small footnote:
When I read the bio's in "Candy Pitch", it made me remember how I've ended up with 4 seats from a burlesque house in Burbank, Ca., that is now gone. My father had gone there during WW2, never forgot it, encouraged my career, and as a present bought 4 of them as a present which I cherish to this day, when the bldg. was being torn down.
I so enjoy your blog and I hope all is well as it can be with that awful storm in NYC.
Thank you for all you do.