Monday, March 31, 2008

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Dita Von Teese reveals a little to The New York Times. Her worst moment on stage?

"My hair caught on fire. I do an act where I sit on a vanity table that has candelabras on it. Well, there was a lot of hair spray going on. I realized what was happening and put my hair out. The show went on."

The burly queen also gabbed with

In other news ...

The New York Times reviews the latest Broadway revival of Gypsy and says, "this latest incarnation ... shines with a magnified transparency that lets you see right down to the naked core of characters so hungry for attention that it warps them." And The New Yorker raves about Patti Lupone, writing she is "thrilling from the moment she stalks onstage."

Photographer Lisa Kereszi traveled across the country to document the neo-burlesque movement and now her work has been collected in Fantasies.

Professor Catherine Roach explores the "stripper-ization of pop culture."

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Burlesque Daily said...

Oh wow--I remember when Dita's hair caught fire!!! She just kept going and I don't think the audience even knew--she was in the big bathtub and had water available. It was quite impressive!