Monday, May 24, 2010

All the News That's Fit to Strip

It is not uncommon for celebrities to start other businesses such as clothing lines, fragrances and restaurants. The latest celebrity to diversify maybe Rhianna. Sources indicate that together, with Jay Z, the young singer maybe the face of a new chain of burlesque clubs:

"Jay thinks she has the perfect image to get into the club scene. All the top bods reckon she’s smoking hot. They’re desperate to make her the face and body of a new burlesque chain. Jay sees it as a great business opportunity."

In other news...

French Actor Mathieu Amalric's new film Tournee tells the tale of a business man returning to Paris from America with a troupe of burlesque dancers from New York City. Featuring real burly-queens such as Julie Atlas Muz and Dirty Martini, the film was recently screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

It's the most wonderful time of the year; time for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. Announcements revealing the finalists for the Saturday competition were released last week. See if your favorites made the cut.

Lesley Zemekis' Behind the Burly Q explores the history of burlesque during its golden age. Kevin Thomas for the LA Times reviews it here.

A reporter in Ireland transforms into a burlesque starlet and explores Dublin's growing scene.

Black Box Burlesque in Denver has a brand new show and a brand new moniker: BurlyCute: A Naughty Vaudeville, opens at the Denver Crossroads Theater. Featuring Cora Vette and Vivienne Vavoom, the variety show also includes torch singers and comedy.

"Queen of Fire Tassels," Satan's Angel is still twirling after 40 years. Locals in Hollywood were able to see her fiery act last week at Monday Night Tease.


Gaina said...

The Rhianna story is interesting. I've always seen Burlesque as a very liberating thing for a woman to do and fits well within my brand of feminism. However, there's something about this particular case that bothers me:

'Jay sees it as a great business opportunity."

That sounds like she's being used by a business man and is not in the spirit of Burlesque, which to me is about strong women expressing their sexuality in a playful way (though I do realize burlesque also has a lot more elements to it).

If it's something she genuinely want's to do for her then that's wonderful and I'm sure she'll be great at it judging by the fantastic live concerts I've seen on TV, but right now it doesn't sound like she's the one in control of this development.

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