Thursday, August 13, 2009

On or Off?

Is it time to button back up?


Ally said...

In answer to the question: OFF with my clothes! So many of us are just discovering, sometimes daily, just how far we are willing to go for the art form; maybe just to challenge our own ideas,opinions and preconceived ideas, maybe to educate others. That said, this GUY comes along merely as a spectator/"journalist", and sees other GUYS at a FEMALE owned, operated and organized event expressing sensuality and sexuality, and somehow this is bad. Yet he points out "no men would be there if it weren't for the nudity"; then what was the point of this article? To criticize the reading tonality or whatever, fine, I feel that; I LOVED being read to especially "in diff'rent voices!", however the fact remains that he showed up to watch "naked girls read" and then criticized it for being just that.

Ally said...

Ooops, a female wrote that article, which doesn't really change anything for me except to ask why are so many female journalist/feminist/blogger types crapping on this art form without active participation, and then given a huge platform with which to spew their ignorant, misinformed ideas? I know there HAVE to be burlesque performers, pinups, etc, that are passionate writers, why aren't they the ones given more journalistic clout, and media exposure as they are the ones "living it" or at the very least involved backstage, or producing?

Anonymous said...

The article said, and I concur, that watching naked women reading gets boring pretty quickly. And having seen the show, lemme tell you... it was really, really boring after the first half-hour.

The problem was the show was so damn LONG, and the women reading weren't really very skilled at interpretive reading. I don't care if you're clothed or naked, if you're going to be reading... READ WELL.

That being said, I am a burlesque performer and a woman and support *almost* all the shows I see. But let's be honest... a bad, boring show is a bad, boring show.

Don't kill the messenger.

Ares said...

i say...leave the clothes off...or on...whatever u feel comfortable with

Download Music said...

i think everyone should walk around naked for a day....well...except when its time to cook...ouch lol

Michael Bishop said...

Very hot chicks. I want to see them naked.

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