Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Playwright Greg Barrios' new play Hard Candy pays tribute to famous Texas stripper Candy Barr. Barrios originally met Barr when he worked as a writer for the Los Angeles Times:

"I was writing for the Los Angeles Times, and I’d just always sort of kept tabs on Candy Barr, because she’d always fascinated me. I told my editor at the time that I was going home to Victoria to spend the holidays with my mother, and that I’d really like to interview [Candy Barr], and my editor said, ‘Well, all right, if you can contact her, Gregg, we’ll run it.’"

Barrios and Barr share the same hometown, Victoria, Texas. Other works by Barrios include Rancho Pancho and Boys of New York.

In other news...

The queer burlesque scene in San Franscisco is alive and kicking thanks to performers like the Kentucky Fried Woman, Alotta Boutte and groups like Twilight Vixens and sfBoylesque.

Critic Katie Roiphe tackles the stripper memoir in her latest essay

Burlesque dancer Lauren Cherryfox uses photography to help women show off their best attributes.

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