Monday, May 4, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Strip

The reigning queen of burlesque, Angie Pontani chats with Corn Mo about her start in burlesque and who inspires her. About how she creates acts for the Pontani Sisters, Angie said:

"Inspiration in this genre is pretty easy to come by, we started out with the basics, a jungle number a mambo, a can can. Then we started busting out things like our classic chair dance to the theme from the godfather Italian Princess style or our Apache number which was inspired when we toured through the Cherokee reservation in the blue ridge mountains. We passed a cheerleader at a bus stop in Flatbush once and we were like, "oh my god, cheerleader number", our grandmom made us the costumes, we choreographed it and our "Saturday Night" act was born. It sounds nerdy, but inspiration is everywhere. With the Pontani Sisters, we took that and added enough camp and silliness to make it uniquely our own, silly but still nailing those high kicks."

In other news ...

Burlesque shimmies into New Paltz, NY and Cleveland.

A Wink And A Smile director Deidre Timmons thinks her 12-year-old’s exposure to burlesque has helped her have “no body image issues whatsoever.”

London debates whether burlesque is art or not.

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival shakes things up north of the border.

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