Monday, February 16, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Dita Von Teese isn't afraid to take it off. The burlesque queen, who has been teasing Paris, commented on the burlesque-style pop acts and Hollywood stars who make guest appearances in burlesque acts without taking their clothes off.

"The striptease aspect is vital to burlesque. I'm very offended by sanitized, commercialized ‘faux-lesque’ as I like to call it," said Von Teese. "Burlesque was about the striptease. End of Story. The great burlesque stars - Gypsy Rose Lee, Lili St. Cyr, Sally Rand - they took off their clothes. It's important to me because it's disrespectful to the history of it, and those women who made it famous, to discount what they did."

In other news ...

The Porcelain Twinz filed a lawsuit saying they were forced to perform sex acts with their New York employer and with each other to keep their jobs.

Minsky's, the big, brash musical tale of Depression-era burlesque is Broadway-bound.

Shirley Jean Rickert, who starred in Our Gang and later worked as a burlesque dancer, died.

Richmond takes a turn for the risque.

Shameless Women chats with Sauci Calla Horra.


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