Monday, January 12, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Strip

Montreal's burlesque icon Miss Sugarpuss, recently voted on of Montreal's Most Desirable Women, plans to put together a Montreal Burlesque Festival, where the historical part of the art is emphasized as much as the bumping and grinding.

"For us to not have a vibrant burlesque culture is ironic," she told the Montreal Mirror, noting that Montreal was the last place in Canada to establish a revival, despite being a hub of burlesque since the ’30s. "We live alongside this history, why wouldn’t we show off our city from that angle—the sexy underbelly?"

In other news ...

By day she's Stephanie Lynch, a hard-working student. By night she's Sofire Rosa, professional belly dancer and burlesque performer.

Madonna puts a burlesque spin on Marc Jacobs.

Jo Boobs shows off pictures from the Liz Renay exhibit.

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