Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Candy Pitch correspondent JD had the grueling task of attending Viva Las Vegas for all the tassel-twirling, hip-shaking fun. He sends in this dispatch about the festivities:

It was a night of glamor, flesh and even the super natural at the 2008 Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition. The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is an annual gathering for thousands of fans of an era long past. Fans come from around the world with as many styles as there are slot machines in the casino – it’s beatnik to ballgown.

The climax of the weekend was the burlesque competition. The largest ballroom at the Gold Coast Casino was standing room only for the big strip-down showdown. It was difficult to hear the host over the screaming audience so I will apologize right now for my lack of performers names.

The show started with last year’s winner and two runners-up performing. The 2007 champ was up first; her grand proportions and sexual maneuvers were greatly appreciated by all. She was followed by this reporter’s personal favorite of the evening -- Victoria Vengeance. Her routine began inside the fortune-teller booth from a nickel arcade machine (like the one that made Tom Hanks Big). The music started and she, in her small booth, started looking into her illuminated crystal ball. As the music picked up she left her booth revealing moves that were sensual and well choreographed. It was a shame she had to go back in to her little booth.

Then this years contenders started the competition with Diesel, a sexy blond on – wait for it – roller-skates. We also had dancers playing the innocent, as did Ravenna Black, who started out in her little gingham dress churning butter. By the time she was done the dress was gone. The final kitten for the evening was Dizzy Von Damn, a woman who really knows how to move.

The competition was tight, a clap-off by the audience decided between Dizzy and a Bumble Bee girl. It was close, but Dizzy was the clear winner. After the show ended this reporter spoke to Dizzy about the big win and what was ahead for her as the newly crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas. “I’m going to the Star Trek Experience," said Dizzy. But when spotted at the VLV Tiki Pool Party the next day Dizzy said she still hadn’t made it to the Star Trek Experience but it was on the top of her list of things to do. Dizzy says she got her nickname because she, on occasion, comes off a bit dizzy.


Vixen Violette said...

Other performers were Veronica Lashe of Atlanta, Bunny Pistol of San Francisco, and the "Honey Bee" 2nd place winner, Bunny Bravo of Los Angeles. Pre-contest Renea Le Roux (Miss VLV 2006) performed before Victoria Vengeance and La Cholita (Miss VLV 2007) performed after Victoria.

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