Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sketching Lili

A friend sent me this illustration by Australian artist Ross Radiation, which he explains was based on a Lili St. Cyr pose. The illustration seems harsher than most pictures I've seen of Lili. And, considering the title of the drawing is "Madame Morbid", perhaps that was the intent.

The drawing is based on a photo which was shot by Irving Klaw, the man famous for his bondage shots of Bettie Page. He took the stills when Lili visited his New York studio to film a burlesque short. Lili hated the pictures. She never made any money from their sale and she disliked the quality.

"Every time I see those pictures, I have a fit because they’re not good pictures," she told Eric Schaefer, author of Bold! Daring! Shocking! True!: A History of Exploitation Films. "I was used to working . . . with wonderful photographers like [Bruno] Bernard. Bernard and I spent hours working on our pictures, spending all this time and making such a fuss over them. And then having these pictures from Irving Klaw show up . . . It made me angry every time I looked at them."

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Ross Radiation said...

Hi. Thanks for posting this along with the original. I am glad you liked it. This was not intended to be a drawing of Lili as such, but I liked the pose so I drew a similar pose with a character I invented called Madame Morbid. I am developing a story for this character, she is a murderous Milf that seduces and ultimately kills her teenage daughter's boyfriends [hence the name Morbid]... kinky, huh?